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NYC, New York

Summer in NYC

What are you waiting for? Summertime in NYC is magical, but then again I think every season in NYC has an allure unlike no other city! It’s an allure that draws me in, and shows me all it’s glorious, intoxicating sights, smells and tastes! Some cities are “Winter Cities”, “Summer Cities”, etc., you get the idea, […]

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computer with hands coming out of screen holding circles SEO, social media, admin services, website and bookkeeping

Take this Job and LOVE It!

You: Founder and acting CEO of a privately held, locally staffed LLC, single proprietor, partnership, franchise, or corporate subsidiary providing (_________________products/services) to a consumer market. You: Fully committed to your firm’s success, social values, and short- and long-term sustainability. Your dedication is demonstrated through an unwavering willingness to roll up your sleeves and work. Unconditional love for the work is never in doubt; your Range Rover is a dawn-to-dusk  fixture; and, […]

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Outdoor Living

Not loving the winter and dreaming of spring?  Now’s a great time to start planning that new patio and/or deck you’ve been dreaming about!  Following are different decks and patios that we’ve installed.  Maybe something you see here with give you an idea!  If not, we’re happy to sit down with you and come up […]

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7 Major Hashtag No-No’s

Twitter came up with hashtags as an easy way for users to keep track of people and topics they want to follow. Now you’ll find hashtags on almost every social network, but they’re not magic bullets to marketing success. In fact, they can have just the opposite effect for businesses. Try to avoid these 7 […]

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Virtual Businesses in a Virtual World

The title of this article sounds like something out of a 1980’s movie like Back to the Future.  But in the ’80s, could you have imagined the world as it is today?  Probably not.  In the ’80s we were thinking about the Smurfs, trying to solve the Rubik Cube, playing Trivial Pursuit, listening to Bon […]

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Why You Should Learn to Delegate

Learning to delegate doesn’t come easy. We want to control our businesses—and there’s nothing wrong with that—but one day you will realize that it’s impossible for you to do everything. Impossible to do everything while trying to grow your business; impossible for you to do everything and have a life outside of your business. When […]

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A Virtual Assistant: How to Know When You Need One

Are you working more than 10 hours a day and/or weekends? Is your family starting to forget what you look like? Have you just realized it’s summer and it’s nice outside? Does the thought of taking a vacation give you an anxiety attack? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need a […]

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