A Virtual Assistant: How to Know When You Need One

  • Are you working more than 10 hours a day and/or weekends?
  • Is your family starting to forget what you look like?
  • Have you just realized it’s summer and it’s nice outside?
  • Does the thought of taking a vacation give you an anxiety attack?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need a Virtual Assistant. Making a list of everything you do is a great way to give clarity to your tasks at hand. And if you’re not the list type or are just thinking to yourself, “Great – one more thing for me to do,” let us help you with that! We offer a free business consultation service. We’ll sit down with you (in person if you’re local or virtually if you’re not), discuss your business and make recommendations as to how we can help. And maybe we’ll find you need personal assistance as well.

A good, professional VA takes your business as seriously as her own, and your business’ success is her business’ success.

Advantages to Multi-VA Companies

I started out as an individual VA and quickly realized that one person cannot possibly do it all. And while VA’s are not permitted to get sick or take a day off (haha), sometimes a day away from the office is unavoidable. And that day will be the day that you have an emergency. If you’re working with a professional multi-VA company, you have nothing to worry about, because the office is always tended. Project managers monitor email and take incoming calls, funneling work to other experienced team members who get the work or project done.

In our multi-VA company, there are professional VA team members specializing in bookkeeping services, transcription, administrative and personal assistance, event planning, calendar and email management, travel arrangements and much more.

More team members ensure a better fit for individual clients, as well as provide more specialized services.

Members of the VA community all work together, making it a supportive, professional network. There is no competition since there is a limitless supply of clients.

When a question or a unique situation arises, we are all there to assist each other at a moment’s notice. There are also many VA associations and forums to assist us and further our education.

Virtual Assistants are here to stay. We are a cost-effective way for businesses and entrepreneurs to ensure that they have the help they need to successfully run and grow their businesses. With no payroll taxes to pay, no benefits to provide, no office space or equipment to purchase and maintain, it’s a wise choice for today’s busy world.

Nickey Hollenbach
Personal Touch Concierge Service, LLC
Follow me on Twitter: @nickeyh


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