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Thank you for your interest in our Business Referral Group. BRG is designed to help members to be more successful by working together under three fundamental ideals:


We give leads for prospective customers to each other in order to provide high quality products and services to people we know and to help fellow members generate more business. We openly share ideas to help each other. We offer support so that we may be more successful.


We work with each other, our customers and prospects with a sense of fairness consistent with our nation’s principles. Similarly, our organization operates through a system of representation where members vote on prospective new members and elect a board to resolve membership concerns. Finally, members have the opportunity to communicate with other members on important matters.


We believe that mutual respect is essential for people to live and work together in the community. We strive to share with each other and promote a strong sense of optimism with each other and the customers we serve. Through our commitment to the community, we strive to achieve the ideal of true friendship among our members.

If BRG is the kind of group you would like to be part of, we encourage you to vist our group. After visiting, you may submit an application if you wish to join. We will review your application, gather additional information as necessary, and invite you to give a 2-minute presentation on why you would like to join BRG, how the group could benefit you, and how you can help other members as well.

Please let us know if we can provide you with any more information.


Matt Potter


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2014 Scholarship Winner:
Kevin Reppert from Central Bucks